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The chuck can be used in electric tools, milling machines and lathes. High speed steel drill chuck for quick drilling of the machine. The chuck head is suitable for clamping tools such as milling machine tool. The item that you desired is suitable for most lathes and milling machines. Allows the user to change the item that you desired for a bigger lag, better locking experience. The item that you desired body is made of high-quality alloy material, which makes it strong and durable. Used in the operation of morse taper shank item that you desired, taper shank drill. And the item that you desired head is made of alloy steel with long service life, which is not easy to damage. Used for quick release morse taper shank drill item that you desired. The quick mount wrench is intended for use as well as a drill bit, screwdriver, spanner, socket wrench, or any other standard hex shank driver bits.

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