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The crowbars is made of high carbon steel, a new high carbon steel blade that can be used for years. It is used to remove the screw of various kind of female threads on motorcycles, electric vehicles and other vehicle’s products using the crowbars. This item is a new handy tool for prying iPhone, iPod nano, for iPhone and android devices. This is a multifunctional exhaust tool for professionally embedded Ping your vehicle’s battery, and it is suitable for many uses such as for iPhone, iPod touch, for example, radio, clock, etc. Used for prying, in digging, deburring, and turning off the phone blade by using the crowbar shell handle. The tool will save you time and energy. Suitable for all kinds of hardware, including ordinary wallpaper and item that you desired. The item that you desired tools is good for you to glue another dent of your car’s metal fastener. The item that you desired abrasion blade is made of durable metal and plastic. Prying bar scraper for iPhone smart phones, tablets, ereaders, mobile phones and other common electronic products.

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