Hasps & Locks

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Easy to use the hasps & locks design, you can use it manually. They can prevent children from opening and closing the door at home, easy to use, safe and reliable. Easy to install, suitable for all kinds of doors and window, such as cabinets, wardrobes, drawer, storage cabinets, etc. Easy to install and use, you just need the original security lock or screw driver, in addition to this product, the installation is very simple. Vintage solid color, chain messenger bag. In the meantime, easy to install, the opening on the hasp will allow for a smooth, professional look. Vintage and fashionable, with a unique design of the hasp lock key, vintage. For holding open a door or window, if you need to remove the lock, then the lock will be closed. And vintage solid color, metal lock buckle, top handle, d’achee more attractive.

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