Milling Cutter

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Milling cutters are usually used in machining planes, grooves, shaping workpieces on ceramic tile and other nonmetallic materials. What’s more, cutters are often used for machining planes, grooves, shaping and cutting off workpieces on ceramics, glass, porcelain, and nonmetallic materials. Meanwhile, cutters are designed with high hardness, not easy to deform. Milling cutters can be used for wood, chipboard, and plywood. In the meantime, cutters are made of high-quality tool steel with sharpness cutting edge and high finish. Milling cutters for high hardness and long service life. The cutters are made of high-quality tungsten steel, which is strong and durable with a long service life. Milling cutters, drills, cutters, and other processing equipment. At the same time, cutters are mainly used for woodworking engraving, suitable for trimming and cutting of various materials.

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