Polishing Pads

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Polishing pads can be used for deburring, polishing and maintenance of various materials in high-tech, aerospace, and other metal industries. And polishing pads are mainly used in the home and the work, can be used for metal, plastic, wood, or ceramic tile. At the same time, polishing pads are designed for multiple kinds of workpieces. At the same time, pads are an inexpensive way to change the angle of your shoes. Meanwhile, pads are mainly used in metal and other metal, which cannot be mixed with metal. And pads for metal, nonmetallic, stone and jewelry. What’s more, pads are designed to be used with all kinds of table grinder, or for polishing ceramics and porcelain. High quality and durable pads. In the meantime, pads are mainly used for grinding and polishing various metal surfaces. What’s more, pads are mainly used for deburring and polishing.

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