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Looking for multitool scissors? Multifunctional tool for cutting, stripping, and clamping. Multifunctional, can be used for cutting, prying, peeling, and trimming small line, thin line, wire grooves, loose lines, and precision blade. Multifunctional scissors are made of stainless steel, with a high hardness, durable and easy to use. Multifunctional scissors, can cut fishing line and remove the clamp, very suitable for outdoor camping. Meanwhile, multifunctional scissors, can cut plastic, steel, and soft metal. And multifunctional, can be used as knife, pliers, spanner, wrench, screwdriver, wire cutter. This is a practical multifunctional scissors, can be used to remove and fix various types of materials. Multitool scissors, can cut fishing lines, pe line and remove the hook. Multifunctional, scissors, grater, knife, serrated blade.

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