Smart Temperature Control System

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The smart temperature control system is used to set a humidification and temperature in real time. In the meantime, the smart temperature control system has a stable performance, long service life and can be used in various places. Temperature controller is suitable for heating and cooling systems. At the same time, the controller is equipped with temperature sensor. In the meantime, the smart temperature control system is a special kind of intelligent furniture that combines the intelligence and time of traditional home appliances, such as air conditioner, heating and electric heating. This smart temperature control system adopts digital display, with lcd touch screen and large font screen. What’s more, this controller can be used for all kinds of intelligent systems such as home, office and other places. With the ability to adjust temperature, controller module supports temperature measurement, delay time and power adjustment function. At the same time, the controller has wifi function, and you can view historical temperature by tapping in app on your phone.

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