Welding Nozzles

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The welding nozzle are light in weight and easy to install, and can be operated with one hand, which is very convenient. Welding nozzles are made of high-quality copper material, good conductivity, wear resistance and long service life. Meanwhile, the nozzle is made of brass, which has high hardness and high strength. The ceramic nozzle is made of high-quality brass, which is resistant to high temperature and pressure. What’s more, the nozzle is made of high-quality brass, good accessories for weld torch. What’s more, nozzle is made of high-quality material, which makes it durable and practical to use. This nozzle is light in weight, compact in structure and convenient for storage. Welding nozzle, cleaning machine accessories set. Welding nozzles are for the replacement of the old one, and help to improve its performance.

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